The Mission of the Catholic Foundation of Oklahoma

The Catholic Foundation’s mission is to procure and build endowment funds while serving as a permanent organization for the management and administration of funds given to the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City for the advancement and expansion of the Roman Catholic Church in Central and Western Oklahoma.  The Catholic Foundation was incorporated in 1965 as a non-profit entity to provide a means for individuals and organizations to ensure long-term financial stability for charitable, religious and educational institutions of the Archdiocese. With the spiritual leadership and guidance of the Archbishop of Oklahoma City, the Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors, consisting of priests, deacons and professional lay men and women. Their efforts are directed principally toward the wise and sound management of the Foundation’s financial resources.

In carrying out its mission, the Foundation:

  • Provides estate planning and charitable giving information and assistance;
  • Provides gifting vehicles in which the Church or related entities are designated beneficiaries;
  • Serves as a central clearing house for pooled investment management services for parishes, schools and related entities’ custodial funds;
  • Distributed earnings on its endowed funds to designated Archdiocesan entities and for activities which would further the development of the Catholic Church in central and western Oklahoma.

The lesson of stewardship is one of faith, as God comes before all else. This faith enables us to focus on serving others, rather than attaching ourselves to personal gains and treasures. Ultimately we need to return a portion of all that we have received in life back to Him. The Catholic Foundation serves as a resource to donors and helps to give them the opportunity to continue their stewardship through a variety of planned giving methods.