Each year, the Foundation features students in their senior year of study who have received Catholic Foundation Scholarships as an update on their academic accomplishments and plans following graduation.   Here are a few of our Seniors who will graduate in May 2016.

MaryAnn Grover
Parish: St. Andrew Catholic Church, Moore
Oklahoma City University
Graduating: May 2016

“My time at OCU is something I would not trade for the world. I have learned so much, met so many different people, and grown significantly. Because of the relationships I was able to develop at OCU, I was able to study International Relationships at the University of Exeter in England in the summer of 2013, serve for two years as the Vice President for Student Activities, and intern with both Senator James Lankford and Congressman Tom Cole. I have learned so much about myself and what I’m called to do while at OCU. I am a Marketing Major with a double-minor in Political Science and History. While at OCU, I was able to take full advantage of all the opportunities afforded me because of the CFO scholarship. College is expensive, and being actively involved at college is even more expensive, so the CFO scholarship lessened the financial burden on myself and my family, allowing me to fully invest in my undergraduate experience. I would wholeheartedly recommend the CFO scholarship to other Catholic students because it has allowed me to take advantage of all the opportunities afforded me while at OCU.

Upon graduation, I will be attending law school on the East Coast. I have yet to decide upon a school, but I have been accepted to and am currently considering George Washington University, Boston College, Boston University, George Mason University, and the University of Richmond.”

Katherine Harris
Parish: St. Benedict Church, Shawnee
University of Oklahoma
Graduating: May 2016

“I have loved spending my four years at OU. Their focus on leadership and service has really shaped my perspective. OU lets me continue to grow my education beyond just class by providing programs like McNair, which prepares underrepresented students to pursue a post-graduate degree. Beyond that, I believe that OU has some of the best faculty that Oklahoma has to offer. I have been supported and encouraged by my professors every step of the way. I am pursuing dual degrees in International and Area Studies and Nonprofit Studies with a minor in Political Science. The CFO scholarship has mitigated a lot of the fees that I have to pay each semester. Fees differ from semester to semester so my scholarships also differ every year. Knowing that I had steady funding from CFO each year really helped me to plan for my expenses.I would absolutely recommend the CFO scholarship to all Catholic students planning on college. A lot of scholarships require reapplication but with the CFO scholarship, I applied once and just have to update them once a semester. It is a great stress reducer to have a steady scholarship you can count on each semester! I am planning on attend law school next year to pursue a J.D. in International Trade and Public Interest / Nonprofit Law.”

John Pham
Parish: St. Andrew Dung-Lac
University of Oklahoma
Graduating: May 2016

“My OU experience has been absolutely incredible. The summer of my freshman year, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy for three weeks with the President’s Leadership Class. This trip deeply grew my appreciation for the Italian culture and it further broadened my worldview. One of my favorite stops was in Rome where I got to experience Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, and it was absolutely breathtaking. The history and tradition of the Catholic Church is so rich and beautiful. I cannot put into words how awesome that was. Another highlight of my college experience was serving on the executive committee of OU’s largest philanthropy, Soonerthon, which raises money for the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital Foundation. In 2015, we were able to raise a record setting $561, 000 to provide every child in the state of Oklahoma with the best research and care possible. It was amazing to be a part of something so much bigger than myself and to serve with so many incredibly selfless student leaders. I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish.”

“The CFO Scholarship has allowed me to spend my time pursuing my passions instead of spending my time working to pay for tuition. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to invest my time into being a part of incredible organizations such as Soonerthon, and it has allowed me to enjoy experiences such as study abroad. I would highly recommend the CFO Scholarship to other Catholic students, and I am so thankful for the Catholic Foundation and its dedication to the investment in future generations through scholarships to help bear the weight of rising tuition costs.”

“I plan on continuing my education by earning a master’s degree in either health administration or business administration specialized in healthcare administration.”

Aschley Ramjak
Parish: Epiphany of the Lord Church, Oklahoma City
University of Central Oklahoma
Graduating: May 2016

“My educational experience at UCO has been absolutely phenomenal. The professors at UCO are so passionate about what they do and they are passionate for their students as well. If you truly want to succeed, they will help you get to where you want to go. I never would have thought of myself as a person that could teach others, but during my sophomore and junior years of college, one of my professors asked me to be a teaching assistant twice. I was absolutely honored and I was able to help many students pass statistics! Another high point in my college career has been watching myself grow academically, as well as personally. As a high school student, I would stay away from conflict and discussions. Now, I love being able to discuss the sciences and liberal arts with others who may have a different view than I do. My area of study is Forensic Science and Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I want to focus my study on helping women and children who have been victims of crime.”

“As a full time student with a part time job, it was often difficult to work and go to school. The CFO scholarship helped me with extra expenses such as the many books and supplies needed for class and other college expenses. I would 100% recommend the CFO scholarship to other Catholic students. It is a big help in the end. Every little bit counts and I believe that the CFO scholarship helped me get to where I am without having to worry about college loans and debt.”

“Fingers crossed, I hope to work with Catholic Charities and their Sanctuary program during the summer for my last internship! The Sanctuary is a place for homeless women where they can receive a meal, take a shower, have online access for jobs, and receive case management. I plan to attend graduate school next year and get my Master's in Counseling Psychology at UCO.”

Marta Stangl
Parish: Saints Peter and Paul Church, Kingfisher
University of Oklahoma
Graduating: May 2016

“My educational experience at OU has been just that—an experience. I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Spain during the spring semester of my sophomore year, and my life has not been the same since. I have taken some amazing science class with really great professors who care not only about the subject, but also about teaching it to us. One of my favorite classes was Human Anatomy, which I took last fall, in which we were able to dissect and study cadavers. Another class I favored was titled “Visions of Heaven and Hell” in which we read The Aeneid, Dante’s Inferno, and Paradise Lost. My major is Planned Program with an emphasis in Medical Science, Pre-Physician Assistant. I have a minor in Spanish.”

“This CFO scholarship has truly been a blessing. Any financial relief as a college student helps tremendously, and I am fortunate enough to have received it all 4 years of undergraduate. With less stress financially, I have been able to spend more time getting involved on campus and church, studying for classes, and making memories with friends.”

“I have accepted the position to become a FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) missionary. The initial commitment is 2 years, where I will be on a college campus in the U.S., forming authentic friendships with college students and growing in my relationship with Christ.”

Katherine Coughlin
Parish: St. Joseph Church, Tonkawa
Westminster Choir College of Rider University
Graduating: May 2016

“I have had the best educational experience possible from Westminster Choir College of Rider University! Working with world renowned musicians in areas of music theory, history, choir, and more has been so rewarding and inspirational. Some of the highlights from my four years are singing at Carnegie Hall with the Berlin Philharmonic, singing a solo in Princeton Chapel, and the feeling every single day when I get to sing people who love music as much as I do.”

“I began my study pursuing a degree in Music Education, but as I studied more and more, I found that my calling is toward the discipline of ethnomusicology. Because of this, I changed my degree program to that of a Bachelor of Arts in Music, with a minor in Sociology, as this program gives me the freedom to study society with the lens of a musician.”

“The Catholic Foundation of Oklahoma is a vital piece of my financial aide puzzle. I feel so blessed to have been given the aide so that I could attend this marvelous school. I would absolutely recommend the CFO Scholarship to other Catholic students! It was such a great opportunity and that aide will help you reach for your dreams!”

“My plans after graduation are somewhat tentative. I will be auditioning for professional choirs across the country. For a few years, hopefully I will be able to sing in a wonderful choir and work on paying back my student loans. In a few years I will apply for a graduate program in Ethnomusicology, and hopefully study Arabic music, culture, and society. I am very excited for the future, and grateful to the CFO for providing the means of making this a possibility.”

Julie Davidoff
Parish: St. Eugene Church, OKC
St. Gregory’s University
Graduating: May 2016

“My educational experience at St. Gregory’s University has been wonderful.  The teachers really want you to succeed and are always there to help you.  What amazes me about this school is that I can email my teachers on the weekend with a question and they usually get back to me the day of or the day after.  The relationships between the teachers and students is incredible. My area of study is Early Childhood Education.”

“The CFO Scholarship has helped cut my tuition cost, so I can continue going to St. Gregory’s University to get my degree and build my faith. I would most definitely recommend this scholarship to other students, because without it I would not have been able to go to the school that I wanted to attend. My plan upon graduation is to hopefully be a teacher in the Oklahoma Archdiocese Schools.”

Troy Wilczek
Parish: Sts. Peter & Paul Church, Kingfisher
Oklahoma State University
Graduating: May 2016

“My undergraduate experience at OSU has been amazing. I have learned so much in my four years here, as well as made several lifelong friends. I will be sad to see it come to an end in May. However, I look forward to taking on the next chapter in my life with all of the tools given to me in my time here. I will receive my B.S. In Health Education and Promotion with an option of Exercise and Health.”

“Being a recipient of the Foundation scholarship has helped me get through my undergraduate degree without having to take out any loans. This will prove to be very beneficial to me as I look to start a career with minimal amounts of debt.  I would definitely recommend other students to apply for the CFO. It is an amazing offer and is very helpful to college students looking to lighten the financial burden.

“Upon graduation I plan to enroll in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program in Oklahoma to further my education and to eventually become a DPT.”

Taylor Allen
Parish: St. John the Baptist Church, Edmond
Oklahoma State University
Graduating: May 2016

“OSU has been an absolutely amazing time of my life. I joined a sorority, worked as a recruitment counselor, and have participated in every musical done by the OSU theatre department in my time here. I have gone through some very difficult times in college, and OSU has always been a place that I can consider to be both my home and my happy place. I have been fostered academically, socially, and spiritually at OSU. I am majoring in Secondary Education English and minoring in Theatre.  My sophomore year of college, I lost my father after a long battle with brain cancer. Times were incredibly difficult, and it seemed at some points that we were completely drowning in the stress that this new life brought us, especially financially. Having the CFO Scholarship meant that I could always pinpoint someone who was trying to help me achieve my goal of graduating, and I was never completely alone in my education. At times when it seemed like the whole world was falling out from under me, it was a glimmer of hope and a reminder that people still cared.”

“I would absolutely recommend the Foundation Scholarship to others! In fact, as we speak my little brother is filling out the application for this year's scholarship!  Upon graduation, I want to teach either high school English or Theatre in the Edmond/Oklahoma City area. I am student teaching right now, and I absolutely love working with the students. I want to be there for them in the way that so many others were there for me.”


Parish: St Eugene Catholic Church, Weatherford, Oklahoma
Attending: Oklahoma State University

“It is hard to believe four years have gone by. My experience at OSU has been an incredible journey! Hard work, mixed with great times, I wouldn't trade a single moment. My involvement on campus in several service-oriented and philanthropic organizations has greatly affected my character and taught me the importance of giving back. I am an art history major, and will not graduate until May 2013. Without scholarships like those the Catholic Foundation provides, I would not be able to be involved on campus near the extent of which I am currently. Also being able to maintain focus on academics simultaneously is a privilege, one I wouldn't have if my financial burden were greater!

“The CFO scholarship encourages involvement in your local parishes, and allows students to focus on campus activities and involvement. I have been very blessed to receive this scholarship for the past 4 years, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is eligible. I currently am waiting to hear back from internship possibilities for the upcoming summer. Hopefully, based upon an internship I will be able to further determine my emphasis of study within art history. I currently plan to pursue a career in museum related studies. Thank you for all you do!  Sara”

Sara shows her Pistol Pete sign at Oklahoma State.


Parish: St. Patrick Catholic Church, Oklahoma City
Attending: University of Oklahoma

“I have had an incredible experience at OU thanks to the many mentors and friends I have made along my college journey. Some of my fondest memories while I have been an OU student include two study abroad trips to Europe and Peru, several internships such as NBC’s Today Show and leadership positions like Gaylord College Ambassador and Oklahoma College Broadcasters Vice President. My major has been Broadcast Journalism with minors in Spanish and International Studies


“Without the financial help of the CFO Scholarship, I would have had to work more hours to pay for college, resulting in less time to focus on academics and opportunities to grow as a leader while sharpening necessary skills for my future profession. It means a lot to have an organization of my faith believing in me and encouraging me to pursue my academic goals. This scholarship has been a tremendous help for me, and I know it has potential to help many other Catholic students by allowing them to focus on academics and leadership-building opportunities, all while encouraging them to work hard toward their goals.


“My passions are people and storytelling. I hope to pursue a professional career that will allow me to work with my two passions, whether that be TV news, entertainment, documentary or anything else that God may have planned for me.”


Parish: St. Michael Catholic Church, Goltry, OK
Attending: Northwestern Oklahoma State University

“My experience at NWOSU has been great! I have really enjoyed my time there. I feel like I have received a very high quality education. What really makes Northwestern special to me is that I am not just a number to them. They make you feel at home by giving you quality attention and many opportunities to succeed. The teachers are very helpful academically, but they also care about you on personal level also. My advisor is always very helpful in helping me make the decisions I need to make, and the rest of the teachers and faculty are always there for me if I need them. I have enjoyed the activities that have been available to me, especially the intramural sports. One high point of my time at NWOSU is all of the relationships I have made. I have made many new friends and met many new people through the college. In fact, I am very thankful that I chose Northwestern because I met my fiancé there. My major is Health and Sports Science Education.

“My CFO Lawrence Scholarship helped me tremendously in paying for my education. It has gone towards my tuition, and also the books that I have needed for class. It helped me to not have to pay as much out of my own pocket for my expenses. This scholarship also gave me an extra incentive to want to go to college and pursue my degree. I would definitely recommend this scholarship to other Catholic students. It is very helpful. It is something that some of the students might need to help them be able to go to the college that they want, and get the education that they deserve.

“After graduation I plan on being a teacher and a high school football coach. I plan on using my degree and becoming an elementary P.E. teacher, or maybe becoming a high school history teacher. My main goal is to become a successful football coach. My dad is the head football coach at Timberlake High School, so I have always been involved with a successful program. I think that this will help me to achieve my own goals as a coach.”

Tyler Severin in front of the Ranger Statue at NWOSU.


Parish: St. Monica Church, Edmond, Oklahoma
School Attending: Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Attending Southwestern Oklahoma State University, SWOSU, has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I am currently in my fourth year of college and am studying to achieve my Doctorate of Pharmacy, PharmD, degree. It is a six year minimum program focusing intensely on medications, applied pharmacology, medication therapy management, and patient pharmacological care. While a lot of my fellow seniors are preparing for graduation at this point, this is not the case for me. However, it will be well worth the extra time, cost, and effort in the long run. I’m excited to be in the last stretch of achieving one of my long term goals of life.

One of the most exciting things while attending SWOSU must have been when I applied and when I was accepted into the SWOSU College of Pharmacy PharmD program. I was so excited I could barely believe it. My first two years of college were spent exclusively to ensure that I had the best possible chance of achieving this goal of mine. The absolute most exciting thing that has happened to me since starting college is when I asked my high school sweetheart and girlfriend of over 4 years to take my hand in marriage and be my wife.

Without this scholarship, I would be totally unable to attend college, yet alone the college of pharmacy. While the reward is well worth it in the end, it is hard at the current time due to increased tuition costs. Since it is a doctoral level program, the tuition is 2-3 times the regular rate for SWOSU tuition. I would wholeheartedly recommend this scholarship to any student who is wishing to attend college! It has been one of the best and smartest decisions I have decided to do.

Upon graduation in May of 2014, I plan on studying for and taking the NAPLEX, which is the North American Pharmacists Licensure Examination. If I do pass this exam, I will then be a licensed pharmacist and can practice pharmacy in the state of Oklahoma. Whenever this happens, all my hard work and determination will have paid off and I will be able to help patients on a daily basis with their health care needs, which would not have been possible without this scholarship!  

Nathan Beattie receives an award from the Pharmacy College at SWOSU.


Parish: St. Ann Church, Elgin, OK
Attending: Cameron University

I am sorry it has taken me so long to send this to you, the last semester is the most hectic. My educational experience at Cameron has been great. My favorite memories are those of me and my friends in my department staying in the Sciences Complex on late nights studying for exams. It was tough work but the conversations helped us through all the studying.

My area of study is chemistry. I will get my bachelors degree in Chemistry with a minor in  biology. I like all areas of science so I just took as many science classes as I could that interested me.  The CFO scholarship has helped greatly! Mostly in the area of buying textbooks. Textbooks are very pricey and when you have to buy 3 to 4 most semesters it really adds up. The CFO scholarship has been most helpful with that. I would definitely recommend the CFO scholarship to other Catholics. My faith has been so so helpful throughout college and having an organization that shares that faith back you up is mentally helpful as well as financially helpful.

My plans after graduation include teaching abroad for a year and then applying to graduate school in neurobiology or physical chemistry.