Catholic Foundation Board 2016

The 2016 Catholic Foundation of Oklahoma Board of Directors met on May 20, 2016, at the new Catholic Charities Headquarters in Oklahoma City, for its Quarterly Board Meeting. Those attending the meeting included

(first row l-r) John Hefner, Kurt Rupert, Kevin Karpe, (2nd) Danny Stith, Rex Anderson, (3rd) David Zuech, Rev. Rex Arnold, (4th) David Madigan, Barbara Hatfield, Jaimee Zorio, (5th) Tim Payne, Barbara Thornhill, Most Rev. Paul Coakley, (6th) Barney Semtner, Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda, Mary Beadles (7th) Sharon Robinson, Rev. James Greiner, (8th) Jerry Kelley, Manny Sanchez, Don Creel, (9th) Wendell Godwin, David Johnson. Board Members not shown include Rev. Ray Ackerman, Alan Aneshansley, Phil Brockhaus, Ben Byers, Todd Lechtenberger, Chad McDougall, Butch Meibergen, and Dolores Woodruff.