OLOG Camp Scholarships Available

The Catholic Foundation will award summer camp scholarships to seven Catholic youth in the Archdiocese for the 2018 Summer Camp session. The Scholarships are need based to cover the $350 registration cost for one of the sessions.  Apply today. 

The Jacob Meier Memorial Endowment Fund was established by family and friends in memory of Jake Meier, a former camper

and counselor at the Youth Summer Camp, who passed away in 2009. Jake began attending camp while in junior high school when the Catholic Youth Camp was located at Lake Murray. The next summer when he was 15 years old, he applied for the camp staff and was hired as a kitchen assistant. In his application for a camp counselor position the next summer, Jake stated, “Since my first summer at Lake Murray I have learned more and more about my faith while having more and more fun each year as well. The more I go to camp, the more my eyes are opened to Christ’s light of the world.”

Jake was a counselor-in-training in 1999 and a counselor in the 2000 camp session (the first year of the new camp at Our Lady of Guadalupe). Although his life ended way too early, the scholarship in Jake Meier’s memory serves as a reminder of a talented, loving and caring young man whose faith guided him in the right direction. His camping experience was a great part of that faith formation. In sharing that experience with more young campers, Jake continues to do God’s work even after he has left this earth. The Jacob Meier Fund at the Catholic Foundation will award two scholarships this year and also shares a scholarship with the Catholic Foundation Director's Fund.

The Robert A. Streets Family Endowment for Our Lady of Guadalupe Youth Camp was established in 2000 for the benefit of the Catholic Youth Camp. This is the seventh year that the fund will award a scholarship to a camper. Mr. Streets was enthusiastic about helping to make sure all Catholic youth in the Archdiocese had the camping experience.


In addition to the Streets Family and the Jacob Meier Scholarships, the Catholic Foundation Board of Directors will fund three additional scholarships from their Director’s Fund and shares one scholarship with the Jacob Meier Memorial Endowment Fund for this year’s sessions.


If you would like to apply for a scholarship from the Jacob Meier Memorial Endowment Fund, the Robert A. Streets Family Endowment Fund, or the CFO Director’s Fund for Camp Scholarships to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Youth Camp, please download the scholarship application for Summer Camp and submit by Wednesday, March 21, 2018.


pdf 2018 Camp Scholarship Application - ENGLISH Version (954 KB)
pdf 2018 Camp Scholarship Application - SPANISH Version (501 KB)